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This page lists the books and documents we have for sale as downloads.

These Ebooks are for you to view on your computer and print. They are in pdf form, as well as Powerpoint downloads. This project introduces new kinds of documents to the jewelry field, titles not available before. Examples are short papers previously too small to print, very long papers, and rare subjects that only a handful of people are interested in. The Ebook links on this page will take you to purchase at Lewton-Brain's Lulu storefront. Many are available as both downloads and are real, print books. A few items will ask you to email us to purchase, then we give you access to a download page at Brain Press.
Here is our main physical Books List

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 Bench Tricks for Goldsmithing powerpoint show AND the entire Cheap Thrills in the Tool Shop book as a pdf . Also available as a CDROM. $34.95 Email us directly to order the Bench Tricks CD Combination

Cheap Thrills in the Tool Shop by itself, as Ebook or Print-on-Demand

$30.00 Buy the Cheap Thrills book or Ebook
Bench Tricks PPS for Goldsmithing by itself $30.00 Buy the Bench Tricks PPS by itself
The Jewelry Workshop Safety Report as Ebook or Print-on-Demand
$30.00 Buy the Jewelry Workshop Safety Report book or Ebook
Hinges and Hinge-Based Catches as Ebook or Print-on-Demand $30.00 Buy the Hinges book or Ebook
Fold-Forming Paper (the classic original) $15.50 Email to buy the Fold-forming paper Ebook or Book
Small Scale Photography Book $30.00 Buy the Small Scale Photography book Ebook
Patinas for Small Studios as Ebook or Print-on-Demand $30.00 Buy the Patinas paper paper or Ebook
Gold Surface Applications Under Enamels $15.50 Buy the Gold Applications paper Ebook
Gold Fusion Inlay under Enamels $12.00 Buy the Gold Fusion Ebook
The Polishing Report $18.00 Buy the Polishing Report Ebook
Build Your Own Draw Bench Instructions $15.50 Buy the Draw bench Ebook
Shareware paper (the classic original) $24.95 Buy the Shareware Ebook
Depletion Gilding: A historical and technical introduction Free Go to the 20 page paper at Ganoksin
Unexpected Sources for Chasing/Repousse Tools $5.00 Buy theChasing Tool Sources Ebook
Small Tools for Jewelers $5.00 Buy theSmall Tools Ebook
Preventing and Avoiding Fire Scale $4.00 Buy the Fire-Scale Prevention Ebook
An Introduction to Tube Setting $5.00 Buy the Tube Setting paper Ebook
Making Earring Posts by Hand $5.00 Buy the Making Earring posts by Hand paper Ebook
The Bibliography Lists
Buy the Bibliography Ebook
A Model Document for a Goldsmithing School Proposal $100.00 Buy the Goldsmithing Proposal Ebook
Fold-Forming Overview CDROM in Draft Mode. Save $18.00 by investing in the project. $42.00 (later $59.95) Buy the Fold-forming CD Draft
Diderot On Chasing Tools $12.00 Buy the Diderot Extract
Making a Chain Tool $12.00 Buy the Chain Tool Ebook

Charles Lewton-Brain Ebooks
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Lewton-Brain's Free Articles at the Ganoksin Project

Hinges and Hinge-Based Catches for Jewelers and Goldsmiths by Charles Lewton-Brain

This book analyzes hinges and hinge-like mechanisms in a manner never done before in a single volume. We feel it will be a classic. Along with history, generics, classes of hinges, guiding principles, sections include: design, tube making, hinge pins (force-fit, riveted, upset, tapered, cotter type, tubing, square, threaded, stud), hinge types (basic, thick-walled, locket, bracelet, box, block, cold-rolled, tab, cast and milled), lubrication, catch systems, hidden, alternative, cast hinges and solving design problems. Good index and table of contents. 112 pages, over 200 line drawings.. The Hinges book Ebook download is $30.00 (The physical book is $34.95 plus shipping) . ISBN 0-9698510-3-0
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Bench Tricks Powerpoint Show CD Combination by Charles Lewton-Brain

This 2006 Powerpoint slide show with commentary has over 200 pictures of really great bench tricks, cheap tool sources, surprising ways of using tools and more. This lecture has been presented in New York and Tucson for MJSA and AGTA. It is guaranteed to show you new ways of saving money, making tools and equipment work for you and make you think. Save hundreds of dollars if you apply the ideas in this show. It is available on a CDROM. It comes as a Powerpoint show. Free powerpoint readers are available for Mac and PC platforms. Included is a printable PDF file of the book Cheap Thrills in the Tool Shop.
This Bench Tricks CDROM Combination (CD or downloads) with both the Bench Tricks Show and Cheap Thrills in the Tool Shop is $34.95.

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Buy the Bench Tricks PPS by itself without the Cheap Thrills Ebook: $30.00

Cheap Thrills in the Tool Shop by Charles Lewton-Brain

This is a loose, eclectic collection of short cuts, bench tricks and alternative equipment options for goldsmiths. Cheap tool making, conversions and unexpected sources for tools are all described. Sections include shop machines, tools, setting tools, soldering and more. Lots of drawings, lists and reviews of sources round out the book. A good table of contents and index make finding information easy. 80 pages. 82 line drawings.$24.95 by itself. Note that if you buy the Bench Tricks CD package described above for $34.95 you get the Cheap Thrills pdf included. ISBN 0-9698510-6
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Small Scale Photography Text Book by Charles Lewton-Brain

This book gives excellent lessons on how to set up a home or studio photo booth to take professional-quality photographs and slides of your jewelry or small objects such as ceramics, glass and so on. Taking your own quality images saves money and time. The system (not counting the cost of camera and tripod) costs less than $60.00 to set up. How to build a drop shadow photo booth, film types, lighting, miniature spotlighting, composition, backgrounds, surface understanding and image creation are covered. PR techniques are taught and sources are listed. The ideas shared in this set can save you hundreds of dollars in professional photographic fees and time. 90 pages, lots of clear diagrams and drawings. ISNB 0-9698510-2-2 $30.00
Review / Pictures of the photo booth system in use in a workshop / Excerpts from Book /
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The Jewelry Workshop Safety Report by Charles Lewton-Brain

Essential for jewelers, professionals, schools, small studios, factories, students. This book reviews issues of studio safety and discusses strategies for recognizing risks in the jewelry workshop, and for reducing hazards by using substitution of materials or processes. The premise is that any reduction in risk improves safety conditions for the goldsmith and artist. It is written in a easily readable, warm style with plenty of examples and safety anecdotes backed by extensive citations and references. A workshop tour gives you a new approach to learning about safety issues and procedures, with safety and health concerns listed by the jewelry procedures and tools used, and a good index, all designed to help you find the information you want rapidly and easily. Chosen as a required course text by New York's Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), The New Approach School (Virginia) and the Paris Texas Jewelry Training Program. All three also chose the Brepohl book as mandatory for their students. 222 pages, $30.00 US. ISBN 0-9698510-4-9
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Fold-Forming CDROM by Charles Lewton-Brain

This is a compilation of all the fold-forms known as of 2004-6. Well over a thousand images organized by type and section. Each thumbnail enlarges as you mouse over it providing a 'magnification' function before clicking on a larger image. Has a number of the core step by step sequences for making fold-forms. Includes examples of Line folds, T-folds, Cross Folds, Rolled fo lds, Woven folds, Hydraulic press folds, Scored and bent folds, Shear and forged, Folds derived from Paper models, Pleated folds, Variations and Combination folds. The fold-forming paper from 1990 is included for printout. The final version will be published, and sent to you, in very late 2007. Invest in the project before publication for a price break, $42.00 including shipping. After publication it will be $59.95.
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Forming Using Metal Characteristics: Fold Forming by Charles Lewton-Brain

Fold forming is a system of sheet metal forming which emphasizes forming using the metals characteristics. Forms are derived from the natural plasticity, ductility and elasticity of the metal. The system is internationally recognized as a new approach to working metal. It is extremely efficient and rapid. Tools are simple: fingers, hands, anvil hammers, mallets, and rolling mills. The paper has a theoretical introduction and step-by-step recipes for quickly working she et metal. This is the classic text that started the fold-forming scene. Fold-forming is taught and practiced world-wide. 49 pages, over 70 B/W line drawings. $15.50.
Fold-formed work
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Patinas for Small Studios by Charles Lewton-Brain

Describes safer, easier patination methods for metals involving easily obtainable and even kitchen chemicals to produce blues, greens, browns, blacks, grays and reddish tones on metals. Cupric nitrate patination, which gives a wide ranges of controllable green, blue, black and brown color options on a number of metals, is extensively discussed. Paint types which emulate patinas are mentioned. Application methods and options for pattern and surface control are described. 34 pages. $15.50.
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Gold Surface Applications Under Enamels by Charles Lewton-Brain

This paper describes methods of creating surface designs using gold alloys on copper to provide patterned surfaces for use under transparent enamels. Includes gold fusion surface applications, fusion inlay, fusion overlay, incised overlay techniques as well as the use of resists for gold application, doublée (fusion laminates) and keum-boo. Together these form a system for surface design that offers a broad palette of marks and control sufficient to allow great surface detail and accurate translation from drawing to finished work as well as painterly approaches. A version of this paper was published in the magazine Glass on Metal in the spring of 1998. 18 pages, B/W diagrams. The original paper. $15.50.
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Gold Fusion Inlay Under Enamels by Charles Lewton-Brain

This paper details how to inlay gold and other metals into copper to create patterned sheet to construct with and enamel over with transparent enamels. The step-by-step example shown uses a spiral iron binding wire to indent a thick copper slab. Gold is fused into the indentation and the excess removed. When rolled out this produces beautiful gold inlay to enamel over. The paper also details how to do paper die printing, a lovely addition to any metal surface. This technique was first publicised by Lewton-Brain in a chapter in Karen Cohen's book on enameling "The Art of Fine Enameling". 14 pages, B/W diagrams, color photographs. $12.00.
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Shareware by Charles Lewton-Brain (Original Paper: 1996)

This wide-ranging, truly eclectic paper is chock full of suppliers, sources, technical information, patinas, stonesetting tips, bench tools, book reviews, gemology information and thoughts about metalsmithing. This book derived from a large handout for Lewton-Brain's workshops between 1984 and 1996, at which time it formed the core of Lewton-Brain's information published at the Ganoksin Project(, which is what got the website going at the beginning. 176 pages. Lots of diagrams. This is the original unchanged 1996 version. It is all that content in one document.$24.95
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Depletion Gilding by Charles Lewton-Brain

A historical and technical introduction to gold surface enrichment. This academic paper describes the approaches that goldsmiths have used historically in various cultures to remove base metals from gold alloys for refining or "coloring the gold": depletion gilding. There is an extensive listing of recipes from numerous historical and contemporary sources to foster contrast and comparison and deepen readers understanding of the subject. It is intended for information only and is not a "how to" for depletion gilding. Many of the procedures described are hazardous and not to be done without a chemical fume hood and similar stringent precautions. 20 pages. Physical version is $15.50
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Build Your Own Draw Bench Instructions by Charles Lewton-Brain

Instructions and plans explain how to build a good draw bench for about thirty dollars from easily available materials. There are step by step instructions aand alternative methods of drawing are described.This draw bench is good for drawing wire and tube. Tube making is reviewed, and unexpected ways of using the drawbench, and drawplates revealed. 27 pages. $15.50.
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The Bibliography Lists -- Lewton-Brain

This is for a photocopied bibliography of Charles Lewton-Brain's persona l library, that is the books in his library as well as three other bibliographies. This compilation of book titles represents a lifetime's work of gathering books into a great jewelry/metals bibliography. We've included the bibliography he used for his 1985 paper of Gold applications, the 1990 Depletion Gilding paper bibliography and the 1999 bibliography for safety information for the jewelry trade used for the book The Jewelry Workshop Safety Report. It is an 18 page compilation of several book lists. Published by Brain Press, photocopied and plastic sleeve bound. 8 1/2"x11", 2004. The first section lists title, author. The other lists are author, title, publisher etc. $15.50
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The Polishing Report by Charles Lewton-Brain

This Paper proposes a system for polishing jewelry successfully. It is about a core Polishing Set of tools, the basic buffs and more for a working jeweler. The stages of polishing are broken into four major steps: large cutting, small cutting, large bright coloring and small bright coloring. Full of tips and tricks the Polishing Report tells you how to polish, remove fire scale, create sharp inside right angles and avoid overpolishing. Sections include holding items, cleaning polishing compound, alternative polishing wheels and more. 31 pages, A number of colour pictures. $20.00 in Print, $18.00 as a Download Ebook.
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Unexpected Sources for Chasing Tools and Punches

This paper details ways of quickly finding and making punches and chasing tools for repousse work. Jewelers, silversmiths and others can use these special tricks and sources for getting punches and stamps. Odd Ebay categories and everyday hardware store tools can be used as chasing tools for jewelry making. Great Tips and ideas! This paper is an essential resource for anyone who is using chasing and repousse in their work. 9 pages.: $5.00
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Making a Chain Chasing Tool by Charles Lewton-Brain

This paper explains how to make a chain tool, a class of chasing tool which lets you make organized, regular rows of round dents for borders, frames, bands and decorative repeated marks. Different shapes are possible, and the registration bumps on the tool let you automatically extend a decorative line or row, otherwise very hard to do with chasing tools. More complex patterns can be placed between the registration bumps allowing complicated rows of marks. The same idea can make rope-like lines of marks. Tool steels, sources and hardening and tempering are addressed. Chain tool information is not available elsewhere. 37 pages.
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Diderot on Chasing Tools and Workshop annotated by Charles Lewton-Brain

This is a reproduction of Diderot's famous French Encyclopaedia from 1751. There are three pages, a title page, a descriptive key page to the images and a page that has an engraving of a chasing and damascening workshop along with a plate showing chasing tools and chisels as well as some typical workshop tools. After the reproduction comes a new section: the translation of the workplace descriptions and the tool key into English, with the proper English chasing terms used for the tools. A variety of tools are named. 12 pages. Print: $12.00 Ebook: $9.00
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A Model Proposal for a College or Technical School Goldsmithing Program

This model document is a proposal for a technically oriented Jewelry or goldmithing program. It is an example of how to write a serious program proposal to government or other partners. It has a DACUM in it, the recognized tool used by NASA and the US marines for curriculum development, and has examples of curriculum modules, tool lists, equipment and more. It is in short a complete model of what kinds of things need to be included in a proposal for a new educational program. Hundreds of hours of work distilled into a 33 page document.
From: $100.00
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Small Tools For Jewelers- Lewton-Brain

This paper details how to make nine fantastic bench tools to make the jewelers life easier and working faster. Each is made from cheap materials, free or already at hand in the goldsmith's workshop. All are easy to make. Indispensible to an efficient shop each tool is a 'generic', that is it represents a whole class of tools the jeweler finds useful. Making the example gives you a model for other tools to create. 13 pages. $5.00
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Introduction to Tube Setting for Gems- - Lewton-Brain

This paper introduces the tools and step by step method used for tube setting for jewelers. Tube setting is a simple, professional looking gem setting technique. When the tools are correct it can be a very fast stone setting method. Includes stonesetting tool descriptions and tidbits. 13 pages. $5.00
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Preventing and Avoiding Fire-scale when Jewelry Making- - Lewton-Brain

This short paper describes ways to avoid the dreaded fire-scale, a hard to remove purplish discoloration or 'bloom' which occurs on sterling silver when it is heated. This information is important for jewelers and silversmiths, as firescale can be a serious problem on high polished work. Four pages.$4.00
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Making Earring Posts for Jewelry by Hand- Lewton-Brain

This paper shows how to effectively make earring posts for soldering onto earrings. Tricks to rapidly making posts are revealed, especially useful when making your own gold or silver earring posts. A production soldering tool for earring posts is described and tips on tweezers shared. 10 pages.: $5.00
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